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What is the Carbon Kick® Power Potion effect based on?

Carbon Kick® Power Potion improves the photosynthesis of plants by influencing photorespiration. As a plant goes through photosynthesis, it binds the carbon dioxide from air into sugar and starch. Plants also go through photorespiration. It binds oxygen and wastes a lot of energy, which slows down growth.

Carbon® Kick Power Potion prevents photorespiration. This enables the plant to use the energy they receive in a better way, increasing growth.


Carbon Kick® Power Potion does not affect a plant's natural mechanism of action, but its energy management instead. Using Carbon Kick® Power Potion, the majority of the light energy harnessed by the plant is stored as starch and sugar – ingredients that are seen as blossoms and tasted as crops.

What does Carbon Kick® Power Potion contain? 

Carbon Kick® Power Potion contains triacontanol and ethanol, butanol, urea, urea phosphate, iron chelate, amino acids, as well as a substance for reducing surface tension, and water. 

Carbon Kick® Power Potion is not harmful for plants. The carbon addition is in the form of alcohol, amino acids protect plants from alcohol poisoning, and ordinary plant nutrients balance the plant's carbon-nitrogen ratio. 

The precise composition of Carbon Kick® Power Potion is the result of careful research, and its mechanism of action has been studied in the United States and at the University of Helsinki, for example

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