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CK Growing Oy


The Finnish company CK Growing Oy develops carbon-based fertilizer solutions that improve photosynthesis, for professional and hobby use. The Carbon Kick® Growing System is aimed at professionals, and the Carbon Kick® Power Potion growth booster for hobby gardeners. The products are currently sold in Finland and in the Nordic countries, with demand in other markets growing rapidly. 


The story of Carbon Kick® Power Potion

The roots of Carbon Kick® Power Potion lie in the market-garden of Matti Hantula, a great force and an influential figure in horticulture. In the early 1990s, Hantula became interested in scientific studies which showed that plant photosynthesis can be activated with organic carbon compounds. This makes the plants produce more efficiently. 


Hantula started conducting small-scale experiments in the extensive greenhouse facilities and nurseries of his own market-garden. The tests showed that the carbons in some alcohols make photosynthesis more efficient. 


Based on the successful experiments, collaboration with Kekkila Oy began in 1994. Carbon Kick® , a carbon fertilizer for commercial production was created, and Carbon Kick Oy was established. The development process included the University of Helsinki, the University of Tromsø, the Natural Resources Institute of Finland, and several other research facilities.

As Kekkilä concentrated on the peat business, Carbon Kick Oy continued developing a new kind of carbon fertilizer independently. The ratio of the alcohols was improved, to suit the plants better; the active ingredient triacontanol was added in addition to the silicone-based humectant to make the spreading easier. The new product for professionals was named the Carbon Kick® Assimilator. Carbon Kick® is a registered trademark in the EU, Norway, and the United States. 

At the same time, Carbon Kick® Power Potion was launched: a version suitable for home gardens and houseplants. Its unique growth-boosting characteristics are already widely known among hobby gardeners interested in ornamental and useful plants.

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