Magical yield and unforseen lushness

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Power Potion

Carbon Kick® Power Potion - Unveiling Your plants peak performance!

Green growth power 

Photosynthesis is a prerequisite for the growth of all green plants. Carbon Kick® Power Potion is a non-toxic, pesticide-free growth booster, which improves plant growth by making photosynthesis more efficient. 

Precise efficiency for all kinds of plants

More beautiful flowers, more luscious green plants, juicier berries and fruit, tastier vegetables and heftier root vegetables – Carbon Kick® Power Potion will make ornamental and useful plants flourish, highlighting their best sides. 

Professional quality for hobby gardeners

Carbon Kick® Power Potion is a Finnish innovation. Professional horticulturists have relied on the power of Carbon Kick® products for a long time already. Now, the power of those products is also available for hobby gardeners, as the spray and concentrate Carbon Kick® Power Potion! 

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